When You Know Yourself, You’ll Know The Right Path

With a 360° Degree Assessment and personal leadership coaching, you can become the best leader you can be.

Leaders who want to improve their organizations often need to improve themselves. The Mile Marker 360 Assessment delivers a roadmap for that journey, and CI International provides the guides to bring you to the summit.

Why a 360° Assessment?

See Every Facet

By soliciting input from multiple sources, or 360 degree feedback, you’ll have a solid foundation for efforts to improve, knowing every strength and development opportunity and how to act on them.

See Them Accurately

Tools for 360 degree feedback remove biases which can creep into even the best single-source performance evaluations.

Know, So You Can Go

After your assessment identifies blind spots and strengths you didn’t realize you had, you’ll be much better equipped to improve your leadership performance.

Why MileMarker 360?

There are so many performance evaluations to choose from, so why choose our particular process?


Administering and debriefing 360° assessments is at the core of our business. We not only have a dedicated practice leader and proven process, we’ve conducted thousands over two decades. You can be confident we’ll deliver excellent results.


Many organizations are experiencing “360 fatigue,” due to the long feedback process involved in some assessments. Our system allows a rater to complete their assessment in 15-20 minutes, but still delivers robust data and conclusions.

Solid Leadership Models

The basis of our assessment is CI’s proven Leadership Competency Model which utilizes competency based frameworks, including the OPM Executive Core Qualifications. This ensures the 360 degree feedback each leader receives is not only addressing their needs today, but preparing them for greater responsibility and achievement in the future.

Geared Toward The Person, Not The Role

Instead of creating multiple 360 degree assessment methods targeted at different levels of leadership and/or different industries, we’ve focused on creating an assessment that will provide insights you can rely on no matter where you are on your leadership journey.

Impactful Coaching

Our expert coaches help each assessee use their roadmap to improve their skills and practices. As a result, leaders will successfully empower their own teams.

Identify Training Opportunities

As part of the 360 degree feedback process, we offer group reporting, which identifies cultural strengths and opportunities that can move an organization forward or hold it back.

Examples of Outcomes

A Mile Marker 360 Assessment presents the results of 360 degree feedback as an accurate map for your leadership journey, showing you where you are and what waypoints you must reach to be the best you can be.


Unrecognized Genius

You rated yourself below average on this competency while all others rated you above average.

Consider how you might leverage this strength more often to drive results and value others.

Recognized Genius

Self-ratings and ratings from others are above average for this competency.

Consider how to leverage this area of genius more often in your work.

Blind Spot

You rated yourself above average while others rated you below average in this competency.


Consider how this might impact your ability to drive results and value others.

Recognized Opportunity

Self-ratings and ratings from others are below average for this competency.


Consider ways to leverage those on your team who are strong in this area so you can spend more of your time working in your area of genius.

In fact, being the best you can be is the concept at the heart of Mile Marker 360, because its unique approach reveals your areas of genius. These areas are those where a leader exhibits the highest competence, effectiveness, and often experiences the most enjoyment.

Creativity and InnovationConflict
Flexibility and
Making and
Vision and
Team Building

As you and others assess your performance in five foundational categories—Leading Change, Leading People, Results Driven, Business Acumen and Building Coalitions—and their subcategories, the areas where you recognize your own genius are revealed, as will the areas where you know you can improve.


Most importantly, 360 degree feedback from others will show you blind spots (where you aren’t aware you need improvement) and areas of unrecognized genius.

The data will be presented in a number of formats, allowing you to examine each facet of performance from multiple perspectives. You’ll be guided through a self-reflection process, cementing the lessons of the 360° assessment.

You’ll also see detailed ratings, allowing you to see not only what areas are strong or weak, but how they are perceived by those you work with, and how that perception compares to your own self-knowledge.

See Our Results

To see a sample of the results from a Mile Marker 360 Assessment, download these example individual and group reports.

Download Sample Individual ReportDownload Sample Group Summary Report

Identifying Training Needs With 360 Degree Feedback

Gathering and using 360 degree feedback can be far more than an improvement process for individual leaders, it can be a stepping stone for improvement throughout your organization.

By reviewing the results of the assessments as a whole, we’ll identify areas where gaps in knowledge exist, and develop a training program to address them. This will ensure that as leaders rising through the ranks of your organization will be even better prepared for the challenges that await them.


When your Mile Marker 360 Assessment is complete, you’ll have a roadmap and know your exact location. But to make the best use of it, you’ll need an experienced guide who knows the terrain. The right coaching makes the 360 degree feedback results more than data, it makes the assessment a catalyst for last, transformative improvement.

Here are just a few reasons coaching from CI International is the guidance that will power your success.

Guided by deep experience

We’ve helped executives and managers communicate and lead more effectively since 1990, and our leadership development programs have been succeeding in the field for over 20 years.

Certified & Career Coaches

We are members of the Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Each coach brings years of experience to help you improve yourself and your organization.

Firmly Grounded

Our methods are based on our proven Leadership Competency Model and EXCEED coaching system, as well as ICF principles.


Each personal coaching plan is base on careful review of 360 degree feedback, informed by and designed according to each individual’s unique situation, values, genius, strengths, blind spots, and goals.

You’ll have more than a guide who knows the map, you’ll have a guide who knows you, and how to help you specifically climb to greater heights.

Success Stories

With profound self-knowledge and coaching that helped them bring out their best selves our clients have been able to transform relationships and organizations. Here are some of their stories.

Helping a Leader Gain Greater Respect

Having the respect of your team is essential to any leader’s success. When you have it, your team and your organization thrive. When you don’t, productivity and morale suffer.

Recently, a client came to CI frustrated by his inability to gain the respect of his team. Through a 360° Assessment, he learned that his team’s perception of him was very different from who he really was. With the support and expert guidance of his coach he was able to dig deeper and discover the motivations for his behaviors and how they were creating his team’s poor perception of him. Together with his coach he developed a plan of action that helped him choose more authentic, effective behaviors and align who he was with what others saw.

Ready to start writing your own success story?

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What does it cost?

We have 360 degree feedback and assessment packages starting at $900, and this pricing includes a two-hour debrief with a certified coach, MM360 program manager support, and the assessment.

What is included in the Mile Marker 360 assessment?

A self and multi-rater competency assessment followed by your personalized report and a two-hour debrief with a feedback coach to help you interpret the results.

How long does the Mile Marker 360 process take?

It takes 2 weeks for rater nomination, 2 weeks for rater assessments, and 4 weeks to schedule your debrief.

Is the assessment statistically reliable?

Certainly. Connect with us for full details.

How often should I take a 360 assessment?

You should seek 360 degree feedback every 1 to 2 years.

Am I required to do a debrief? If so, why?

Yes. A formal 360 degree feedback process is a structured and balanced way to collect and process data, provides individuals access to meaningful feedback, and gives the opportunity to reflect on valuable information that supports personal and professional development. Ultimately, the goal of a 360 is to identify development opportunities and create goals for growth, but the 360 degree feedback report itself contains a significant amount of information, some of which can be confusing and overwhelming. An individual left to interpret the data on their own may not know how to process the information or what to do with the data. This is where an experienced coach comes in.

The role of a feedback coach is to help participants understand the feedback data. It’s essential for individuals to recognize that the data in a 360 report is neutral, and it doesn’t make decisions about them. Rather, the individual gets to make decisions about the data. The coach creates a safe space for the participant to look for themes and patterns in the feedback, and makes observations about the content of the report with the goal of helping the participant create development goals. In some ways, the role of a feedback coach is similar to a tour guide, helping the participant to navigate the 360 report while keeping the focus on development. The coach helps the participant understand the perspective about how others perceive them and summarize the strengths they should continue to leverage. They also help the participant narrow down two to three development needs he or she is motivated and committed to working on.

Ready to Transform?

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